Bob Clayson's Optimal Exercise
for optimal health, aesthetic form, and function


The purpose of this website and blog is three-fold.  First, to give valuable, scientifically proven recommendations and information for maximizing your results in developing fitness, aesthetics of the body, and over-all health for greater quality of life.

Second, to be part of the small, underground group against the tidal wave of misinformation, gimmicks, and outright B.S. that continually flow from “mainstream” fitness sources.  My mission is to expose and refute the ridiculous, unscientific claims of  supposed fitness experts, the supplement industry, and pop culture magazines, thus saving you a great deal of time and money.

And third, to facilitate question and answer from my personal clients and anyone wishing to get more information.  I encourage those who read it to post and e-mail me with comments and questions regarding exercise.


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